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Gary Morris: Hey everyone, this is Gary Morris with EZ Homes University. And I’m here with Dan Leighton and one of our most recent partners Jeff Heck, who just went through the coaching with Dan and Dan. They’ve had a very successful month. Today, we want to share with you guys a little bit about what the behind-the-scenes look like with the transition from starting the coaching that Dan and Dan supply to the end result. And I think you are going to be surprised at that end result. Jeff, it’s good to have you here.

Jeff Heck: Thanks, I appreciate it.

Gary Morris: It’s good to have you. I want everyone that’s watching to learn a little bit about what it’s been like working with Dan and Dan.  

Jeff Heck: Yeah, It’s been a great experience. I met Dan through a mutual contact, and it turns out we both live in the same area. I was able to contact him through that, and I gave him a call. Being new to the industry, I wanted to get his advice and expertise on the matter and learn what I can do to be successful. And we probably had a nice forty-five minute phone conversation. He told me what to look for in these mobile homes, what not to do, what to do, maybe a talk path of talking to the homeowner. It was an easy and smooth transition. And I was able to go out there and utilize what he told me to do with Craigslist and Facebook. I found a home on Craigslist that met the criteria of what he was looking for. I called him up. I said, what do you think of this opportunity? He said I think it’s great, here’s what we need to talk about with the homeowner. So I gave the homeowner a call back, discussed what his situation was, why he needed to get out of the home, the parameters, the roof, the inside, the beds, baths, all the basic stuff. Once he started telling me these things and it matched with what Dan told me, that’s when the light bulb went on. And I go, maybe this is a great opportunity. So I called Dan. I told him what the asking price was. He’s like well I think this is what we should offer for the home. I called the homeowner back. He agreed to it. I scheduled a time to go down and inspect the home because the offer was contingent on an inspection. I was all prepared to go down. The other Dan was going to be in the area that day. That’s when Dan called me and said, “Great news, one of my partners will be able to help us out on this.” He was able to go down and use his expertise to do the inspection with the homeowner. And they came to a mutual agreement. It’s been a very smooth process.

Gary Morris: That’s great. In terms of the amount of time that this has taken, when did you first contact them, and when was the close of the deal?

Jeff Heck: I’d say I talked to Dan on the phone, that forty-five-minute phone call, and I think I found the home on Craigslist within 36 hours. And then I called Dan immediately and told him what I found. Between initial contact with the homeowner and the closing of the property, it was about five days. It was very, very exciting.

Gary Morris: Wow, what was your profit on that?

Jeff Heck: My profit on that was $4,200.

Gary Morris: Wow, that’s exciting.

Jeff Heck: Very exciting, I’m ecstatic. It’s something I really need.

Gary Morris: Right before Christmas.

Jeff Heck: Right before Christmas, and I’m looking forward to moving on to the next one.

Gary Morris: That’s fantastic. So as you review some of the other real estate investing opportunities out there, what makes mobile home investing unique?

Jeff Heck: I think it was, working with experts like these guys and their experience, and it being coachable. I think the unique experience was how fast it was. You’re not dealing with huge amounts of money. And it was just trying to help out that homeowner because they were in a bind and needed to get out of the home. We were able to provide that for them.

Gary Morris: That’s awesome. Dan Leighton, let me ask you, working with Jeff both you and Dan Paton, what would you say marked the success of him making such a quick return?

Dan Leighton: I would probably say that the information that he gathered was accurate. He talked to the seller. I think it was the speed of the communication, the information that he gathered, and that we had identified it as a hot deal. And the ironic thing was that I was heading down that way to do a different deal. I said listen I’m going Westside, and if you want me to, I can swing by. And everything that he had looked at was validated. I did find some other things on the home that a picture wasn’t going to be able to tell. It had a little dip in the roof. It had a lot of moss on the roof from some pine trees. I took some snapshots and sent them to my partner Dan Paton. Because if there is something that ever gets me a little bit wishy-washy, it is if the roofs aren’t perfect. And this one was not perfect. But it was something that was workable, and we ended up executing on it. I didn’t think that there was any way that we would not make money. Lo and behold, we bought it, and we found out that the community was owned by someone that we already have a relationship with. It was a very smooth transition because they wanted to keep the home. It was a win-win-win – a win for Jeff, a win for the park, a win for us. I always love to look for those three wins. And man, oh man, it hit pay dirt, and everybody left happy.

Gary Morris: That’s great.

Jeff Heck: One of the things that excited me in the initial phone call with Dan was number one, his experience, and number two, how many buyers they had. If they have someone already in their mind, who they are going to sell a home to, it helps the purchasing process at the beginning – knowing there is going to be a quick end in sight.

Gary Morris: Yeah, because that’s the whole other side of the pyramid where you have to start looking for who’s going to be the buyer once you acquire this property. Either having access to that buyers list or to people who can show you how to find buyers, is a key element in this for the students and partners.

Jeff Heck: Absolutely.

Gary Morris: That’s all that we have today. So thank you for watching another great testimony from EZ Homes University. Take care.

Dan Leighton: See you, guys.