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Dan Paton: All right, guys, we’re going to demonstrate our road kit to go out and look at and assess mobile homes. So let’s just start with the basics here. Certainly one of the things you need is a good camera. Your smartphone can be used, I like to use a digital camera and a pole, a pole is obviously going to be used to take pictures of the roof and to get some good shots from high up. I always bring a hammer and nails, with the thought that I’m going to buy this home, and when I buy it, if it’s empty, I put a nail on the doorframe, and I hang the keys. And most of the time, I never go back to that house again. Once I put that nail and hammer in, we’re good. It’s like putting that final nail in the coffin. And then duct tape for helping us measure the homes. I like to use a hundred foot tape, it’ll cover every house, the longest home you’ll see is about a seventy-six footer. The wheel is a nice, quick way to measure a home, depending on what phase you’re in. Some nut drivers and some screwdrivers are helpful; a lot of times we use a nut driver to get the drywall off the cover that’s covering up the hot water tank. So, it’s pretty simple, a pen and paper, you take some notes about the home. 

Dan Leighton: You definitely want to grab yourself a good flashlight, because you’re going to look under the home, and I like to bring my rubber mat – you can use whatever you want, this happens to be something I had from my kid’s play mat that he had when he was younger – because when you’re kneeling down, if you’re on wet ground, or snow, you’re going to get your knees pretty dirty. So, I use that, and then I look underneath the home for axles and hitch, or to look under the home to see if there’s any damage, or insulation that’s falling down, or animals that have gotten in. Or just debris – you’d be surprised what people store underneath these homes. I’ve found lawnmowers, tubs, swimming pools. But that’s really the basic kit. 

Dan Paton: You’ll want to bring your checkbook, because you might be writing a check to buy a home, your purchase agreements, things like that as well. 

Dan Leighton: So when Dan and I go out looking at homes, this is what we’re going to bring, it’s pretty unsophisticated, but it’s the necessary tools, just like if you were a carpenter, you’d have your saws, and all the different stuff you’d have. These are our unsophisticated products that we use. 

Dan Paton: Tools of the trade.

Dan Leighton: Yeah, tools of the trade.