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​Discover our secrets for finding, buying, and selling mobile homes

For nearly two decades, Dan & Dan have been buying and selling mobile homes in every kind of condition and have made a fortune doing it.

Now it’s time for them to pass that knowledge to realtors, stay at home moms or dads, college students, seniors, truck drivers, you name it. Dan & Dan’s goal is helping you buy and sell your first mobile home within 30 days.

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Great experience. They listened to our needs and responding with a deal I could accept. Very responsive to my questions.

Samuel W

Dan made buying our first home easy! Step by step he’s there the whole way, thanks again EZ Homes!!

Chris M.

Amazing experience if only everything was this easy.

John W.

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3 Costly Mistakes To Avoid In Mobile Home Investing

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What Are Some Of The Biggest Challenges Investing In Mobile Homes?

What Are Some Of The Biggest Challenges Investing In Mobile Homes?

In this episode of EZ University, we talk about some of the biggest challenges when it comes to mobile home investing. Plus we tackle how to overcome them. What are some of the myths that keep people from investing? How can you get past hearing “no”? What does it look...

How To Become A Succesful Mobile Home Investor

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